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Our Background

LTU Apparels is now led by the fourth generation of it's founding family. Since 1988, we have manufactured for international bridal and occasion wear brands that lead in their field. Our creations can be found from independent boutiques to high fashion runways across the U.S, Europe and Asia.

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LTU's facility just outside Bangkok is equipped to offer everything from sample development to garment production. We customise  our work according to client needs, and have over two decades of experience manufacturing detailed, high-end eveningwear.

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R & D

From Sketch to Catwalk

Our sample room offers sample development from a client's sketch or re-creating a client’s prototype and furthermore offering our own in house bridal and evening line created by Bangkok’s leading designer .  We understand the style diversity of local traditions on a global scale and are therefore able to offer our in-house line as inspiration. These can be modified to the style requirements of each particular market and culture.

We respect the sensitivity of a brand’s creative rights, so be rest assured that we never disclose styles within our production house to other brands.  

Not only do we stock the most up to date fabrics and laces from around the world, we also work in partnership with our clients to source raw materials to their precise specification. A pre-production sample is always submitted for our client’s approval before the final production process begins.


All Within a Competitive Leadtime

Our production facility is uniquely organised to maximize our flexibility. This ranges from sourcing raw materials to match our customer’s order size to ensure least wastage – through to our multiple production units which are designed to specialise in different types of products – and in different levels of sewing and handwork complexities.

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Every Garment to Perfection

With our stringent internal  Quality Assurance (QA) Policy , all raw material and accessories are inspected using the 4 Point System while a 100% inspection of all pre-production materials and finished products is strictly carried out, as well as an additional inspection within the assembly line. We also follow a regular training schedule for our manpower covering improvement on work skill to family & general wellbeing.

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